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La tematica es liura. Se t'interèssa, e me fariá plaser de comptar sus tu, te donarai mai d'entresenhas lèu.
Bona continuacion e bona dimenjada, a lèu! Una abraçada! Claudi/[[Utilizaire:Capsot|Capsot]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:Capsot|d]]) 6 febrièr de 2021 a 17.17 (UTC)
: Hello, thanks for your message and willingness to help! :) The video should be sent to: viquipedia@wikimedia.cat. It would be great to have it around Feb. 15th but you can send it a few days later if you are busy! Don't worry! Thanks again for your work, you are doing a great job. Take real care and have a great weekend! See you! De còr e d'òc, Claudi/[[Utilizaire:Capsot|Capsot]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:Capsot|d]]) 13 febrièr de 2021 a 14.50 (UTC)
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