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Un '''estat sobeiran''' es una entitat juridica non fisica del sistèma legal internacional qu'es representada per un govèrn centralizat que ten una autoritat suprema e independenta sus una aira geografica.<ref>"The powers of external sovereignty on the part of the State do not depend on the affirmative grant of this in the Constitution. ... The State would not be completely sovereign if it did not have in common with other members of the family of nations the right and power in the field of international relations equal to the right and power of other states. These powers of the State include the power to declare war or to participate in a war, to conclude peace, to make treaties, and maintain diplomatic relations with other states." —'' {{Cite "BAILII", |country=ie"Supreme |litigants=Court of Ireland Decisions", "Crotty v An Taoiseach" |court=IESC; |year=1987; |num=4 |date=; 1987-04-09}}''</ref>
Possedís una populacion permanenta, un [[govèrn]], e la capacitat de dintrar en relacion amb los autres estats sobeirans.
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