Dobry vechir Ласкаво просимо tutModificar

Ya nadiyusja nasha wikipèdia bude yak druhy dodomu. Laskavo prosymo tut/Benvengut! Do pobachennja! Claudi/Capsot (d) 9 octobre de 2011 a 17.26 (UTC)Respon[respon]

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Sorry, but I don't speak any bit of Occitan and can barely understand it, so my help would be limited. In any case, don't hesitate to ask for what you need. Bye! ;) --Microcell (d) 7 novembre de 2011 a 19.18 (UTC)Respon[respon]
Dyakuyu duzhe sil'no! Dobra nich! Capsot (d) 26 novembre de 2011 a 21.12 (UTC)Respon[respon]