Adieu, Koko. Quna pena de saber que soi arribat ací unas minutas tròp tard e qu'eres ja partit! Ben, ai trabalhat pauquet (caldriá qu'i aja quicòm dins la categoria Literatura occitana). D'ont es ? De Catalonha ? Nos parlarèm una autra nuèit.


Adieu :-)
Soi pas de Catalonha, soi de Tolosa --Kokoyaya 4 dec 2005 à 11:09 (UTC)

Adiu, Maravelha/Hi, MaravelhaModificar

(Sorry, but I need to write in English, because I do not dominate Occitan language well)
I've written a short article about Carlos Drummond de Andrade, an important Brazilian poet and writer of the 20th century (some of his works have been translated to French, English and other languages - you can have more information at en:Carlos Drummond de Andrade and at pt:Carlos Drummond de Andrade). Would it be possible for you to review it (grammar/syntax)? If yes, I could use it as a model to write other articles about Brazilian, and also about Portuguese writers and poets. Best regards / bon coralament, --Joao Xavier 29 mai 2006 à 22:22 (UTC) (p.s.:I only know a few words and expressions in Occitan. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil, and my native language is Portuguese)

Adiu, MaravelhaModificar

I've improved the text about Leipzig, in Germany. Podètz revisar lo tèxt? Mercé, e fòrt coralamentJoao Xavier 7 de nov de 2006 pm 23:32 (UTC) (mercé tanbén per la revision de Carlos Drummond de Andrade, en mai. I'm also helping the Occitan wiktionary with a few words).