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* "In 1967, Tel Aviv was the largest city in Israel. By 1987, more ''Jews'' lived in Jerusalem than the total population of Tel Aviv. Jerusalem had become Israel's premier city." (Friedland, Roger and Hecht, Richard. ''To Rule Jerusalem'', University of California Press, 19 September 2000, p. 192. ISBN 0-520-22092-7).</ref> a l'encòp en populacion e en superfícia,<ref name="cbs">{{Ligam web|url= |publisher=Central Bureau of Statistics |títol=Press Release: Jerusalem Day |date=24 May 2006 |accessdate=10 March 2007 |format=PDF}}</ref> amb {{formatnum:763800}} abitants subre una [[aira|superfícia]] de {{unitat|125.1|km|2}}.<ref name="mfa-40th">{{Ligam web|url=|format=PDF|publisher=Israel Central Bureau of Statistics |títol=TABLE 3. – POPULATION(1) OF LOCALITIES NUMBERING ABOVE 2,000 RESIDENTS AND OTHER RURAL POPULATION ON 31/12/2008|accessdate=26 October 2009}}</ref><ref name="profile">{{Ligam web|url=|publisher=[[Israel Central Bureau of Statistics]]|títol=Local Authorities in Israel 2007, Publication #1295 – Municipality Profiles – Jerusalem|accessdate=31 December 2007|format=PDF|language=Hebrew}}:</small></ref>
Jerusalèm es una vila santa per las tres religions abrahamicas màger: [[Judaïsme]], [[Cristianisme]] e [[Islam]]. Per lo Judaïsme, Jerusalèm es una vila santa dempuèi que, segon l'ancian Testament biblic, lo rei [[David]] d'Israèl ne faguèt la capitala del [[Reialme d'Israèl]] en 1000 ab JC, e son filh [[Salamon (Bíblia)|Salomon]] comandèt la bastison del [[Temple de Jerusalèm|primièrPrimièr Temple]] dins la vila.<ref name="1000BCE">:<small>Since the 10th century BCE:{{ref label|bible-david|v|a}}
* "Israel was first forged into a unified nation from Jerusalem some 3,000 years ago, when [[David|King David]] seized the crown and united the [[Israelites|twelve tribes]] from this city ... For a thousand years Jerusalem was the seat of Jewish sovereignty, the household site of kings, the location of its legislative councils and courts. In exile, the Jewish nation came to be identified with the city that had been the site of its ancient capital. Jews, wherever they were, prayed for its restoration." Roger Friedland, Richard D. Hecht. ''To Rule Jerusalem'', University of California Press, 2000, p. 8. ISBN 0-520-22092-7
* "The Jewish bond to Jerusalem was never broken. For three millennia, Jerusalem has been the center of the Jewish faith, retaining its symbolic value throughout the generations." [ Jerusalem- the Holy City], Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 23 February 2003. Accessed 24 March 2007.
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