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thanks for the welcome. Sorry, but I am not able to write Occitan - reading is not too difficult though. Actually I am interested in vocabulary and it could be that sometimes I will take a term here and there from oc.wiki. I am working right now on a project where I collect data about protected species in Verzère Valley, the "Vallée Éternelle". I was told that this was the name local people give to that place, but it is in Occitan speaking region so I suppose that the valley and also the species there have their names in Occitan as well. It would be wonderful to find at least the names out. Maybe this could also help to get wikipedia articles about them sooner or later. Well it is just a thought :-) --[[Utilizaire:SabineCretella|SabineCretella]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:SabineCretella|d]]) 1 de junh de 2009 a 11:13 (UTC)
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Hi Cedric, I am adding one species a day (more or less) searching for the Latin name and as many translations as possible. So I will create a section on my user page where I add them in French + then step by step add the Latin names. It is really funny that I can read Occitan without too many hassles :-) Maybe I should also get you the link to the server of the University of Bamberg so that you have the "stubs" to start off with. I am using Wikipedia for the "definitions" so that when students and people help to translate we can get the translations back to Wikipedia having it the same license (I use permalinks to link back to Wikipedia - the license for now is not stated, because what now is online is not the final dictionary, but just a buffer where I add initial data. I will put a message here when the list is complete. --[[Utilizaire:SabineCretella|SabineCretella]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:SabineCretella|d]]) 2 de junh de 2009 a 06:50 (UTC)