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(Mencion dau dialècte utilizat)
Adieu Joan-Loís. Cadun es incitat a mencionar dins leis articles que crèa o que modifica (quand son omogenèus) lo dialècte utilizat, sota forma d'un '''comentari escondut''' visible unicament au moment de l'edicion. Te remandi a [[Wikipèdia:La tavèrna|la tavèrna]] onte trobaràs leis explicacions. Coralament, [[Utilizaire:Vivarés|Vivarés]] 19 d'abril de 2007 a 11:48 (UTC)
== Occitan name of La Vallée Éternelle ==
Hi, I am working on a project which is about a part of the Vallée de la Vézère. As to my information local people call this part La Vallée Éternelle. So this is the first term I would like to know in Occitan to be able to write down how local people "really" call that valley. Can you help with that? There are 46 species of protected animals and 9 species of protected plants in that valley. Accoring to UNESCO biodiversity and linguistic diversity are highly connected. So on one hand I would like to see articles for all these species and also the valley in Wikipedia and on the other I would like to collect all possible translations for this data. Just for your information: my home Wikipedia is the Neapolitan one, even if right now I am not very active there. My mother tongue is Franconian since I am from that region in Germany, but there is no Wikipedia in that language. Right now I am centering on some special projects and most of them are connected to UNESCO world heritage. I am wondering if there is a way to co-operate for the Occitan names of the valley, the animals and plants - that would be really great. You can also reach me by e-mail under s.eller@voxhumanitatis.org - cu :-) --[[Utilizaire:SabineCretella|SabineCretella]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:SabineCretella|d]]) 30 mai 2009 a 20:07 (UTC)