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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - is an internal and external optimization in order to move your wesite first position in search results on major search engines. Potential buyers are showing their interest in some products / services by entering the query into a search engine. So they are willing to buy this product / service. The higher your site is, in the SERPs, the more likely that the interested buyer will get on it. And the more the content of the site meets the needs of the user, the more likely he will make a purchase.
[[Fichièr:Keplers supernova.jpg|thumb|250px|Remasilhas de la supernòva de Kepler, coneguda tanben coma SN 1604]]
Una '''supernòva''' es una explosion [[estela|estelara]] que desliura un quantitat energia superiora a la d'una [[nòva]]. Correspond a la darrièra etapa de l'evolucion d'unas [[estela]]s ([[estelas binàrias]], e [[estelas massisas]]). Durant aquesta etapa, la [[luminositat aparenta|luminositat]] de l'estela pòt aumentar dins un factor de 10<sup>8</sup>.
Modern search engines operate in such a way that in the first place appear sites that best meet the user's request. In building the list of importantce next aspects are analyzed: structure of the site, its text content, technical data. High-quality internal and external optimization for 2-3 months will bring your web-resource in top 3 search results. SEO-optimization involves the formation of so-called "semantic query engine," which is a list of the most effectively "selling" words and phrases often introduced into the search users.
Les supernòvas dònan luòc a d'emissions de radiacions electromagneticas intensas que pòdon durar maites meses. Se caracterizan per una rapida aumentacion d'intensitat fins a aténher un pic, e aprés descreisson en luminositat d'un biais mai o mens suau fins a desaparéisser completament.
Website promotion on the Internet involves several stages:
L'explosion de [[radiacion]]s extemament luminosa, embandís fòrça material estellar a una velocitat de mai de 30000km/s (10% de la [[velocitat de la lutz]]), en provocar una [[onda de tust]]<ref>
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Formation of semantic core: an analysis of the most popular search queries among potential visitors, and then based on this list are selected the most "selling" keywords.
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Optimizing your website for internal factors: first, our specialists will carefully analyze the content of a site to determine that from a technical point of view, the site meets the requirements of search engines. Based on these results we give general recommendations to improve the indexing of your website in search engines, as well as correction of texts on the website.
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Strengthen the credibility of the site: the search algorithm includes a modern setting "credibility" of the website. The more links to a particular resource, the more authoritative it is considered, and the higher will appear in the SERPs. Accordingly, in order to improve the position of your website, we place text links to it from third-party websites.
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Features SEO-promotion:
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- Target audience - users by entering a search query, thus already demonstrated interest in a particular product or service. Once on the page with the relevant information, they are potentially ready to make a purchase.
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- Low price to attract customers - compared to more traditional advertising media (press, radio, TV),
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- SEO-promotion - is an inexpensive and effective way to attract customers.
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- Time - due to certain features of the search engines results optimizer site will be visible only after several months.
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|title=Supernova Shock Breakout from a Red Supergiant
|journal=[[Science (journal)|Science]]
|volume=321 |issue=5886 |pages=223–226
}}</ref> dins lo mitan interstellar a l'entorn. Aquela onda de tust espandís una granda quantitat de matèria jos forma de de gas e de posca nomenat un [[remanent de supernòva]]. Las Supernòvas constituisson d'importantas fonts galacticas potencialas d'[[onda gravitacionala|ondas gravitacionalas]].<ref>
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|title=Core-Collapse Supernovae, Neutrinos, and Gravitational Waves
|journal=[[Nuclear Physics B: Proceedings Supplement]]
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}}</ref> Una granda proporcion dels rais cosmics primaris ven de las supernòvas.<ref name="ackermann-2013">
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|title=Detection of the Characteristic Pion-Decay Signature in Supernova Remnants
|journal=[[Science (journal)|Science]]
|volume=339 |issue=6121 |pages=807–11
Las supernòvas pòdon èsser generadas de doas faiçons: siá per un subte realucatge de la [[fusion nucleara]] dins una [[Estela compacta|estela degenerada]]; o per [[esboldrament gravitacional]] del còr d'una estela massisa. Dins lo primièr cas, una [[nana blanca]] degenerada pòt aver acomolat pro de material d'una [[Estela binària|estela sòrre]], siá per [[Acrecion (astrofisica)|acrecion]], siá per fusion, per aumentacion la temperatura de son còr, aviant l'ignicion de la [[fusion del carbòni]], que provocarà la fusion nucleara, desorganizant completament l'estela. Dins segond cas, lo còr de l'[[estela massisa]] pòt subte subir un esboldrament gravitacional, desliurant una energia potenciala gravitacionala capable de crear una explosion de supernòva.
La darrièra supernòva fintada directament dins la [[Via Lactèa]] foguèt l'estela de Kepler de 1604 ([[SN 1604]]); fòra la Via Lactèa, los [[remanant de supernòva|remanants]] de doas supernòvas pus recentas foguèron agachats dempuèi.<ref name="reynolds">
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|title=The Youngest Galactic Supernova Remnant: G1.9+0.3
|journal=[[The Astrophysical Journal Letters]]
|volume=680 |issue=1 |pages=L41–L44
}}</ref> Las observacions d'autras galaxias indican que las supernòvas apareisson en mejana aperaquí tres còps lo sègle dins la Via Lactèa.<ref name="adams">
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|title=Observing the Next Galactic Supernova
|journal=[[The Astrophysical Journal]]
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}}</ref> Las supernòvas tenon un ròtle significatiu en enrequesir lo mitan interstellar en elements quimics.<ref>
{{Cite book
|last=Whittet |first=Doug C. B.
|title=Dust in the Galactic Environment
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}}</ref> En mai la propagacion de las ondas de tust eissidas de las explosions de supernòvas pòdon contribuir a la formacion d'estelas nòvas.<ref>
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