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Un '''chaebol''' (en [[corean]], [[hangeul]]: 재벌), de ''chae'' "wealth or property" + ''bol'' "faction or clan" - alsos'escrit writtentanben withamb thelos samemeteis caractèrs characters 財閥 asque [[Zaibatsu]])<ref name=mw>{{cite web |accessdate=2011-08-30 |url= |title=chaebol |publisher=Merriam-Webster }}</ref> es un conglomerat [[Corèa del Sud|sud corean]]. Son gereralament de groups multinacionals proprietaris de nombrosas entrepresas internacionalas,<ref name=mw /> controlled by a chairman who has power over all the operations.<ref name=mw /><ref name="Jung 2004 299–303">{{cite journal|last=Jung|first=Dong-Hyeon|title=Korean Chaebol in Transition|journal=Sage|date=1 August 2004|volume=40|issue=3|pages=299–303|doi=10.1177/000944550404000306|url=|accessdate=13 February 2013}}</ref> The term is often used in a context similar to that of the English word "[[Conglomerate (company)|conglomerate]]". The term was first used in 1984.<ref name=mw /> There are several dozen large [[South Korea|Korean]] family-controlled corporate groups which fall under this definition.
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