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* Target Username: [[User:JurgenNL|JurgenNL]]
* Reason: Global username. See [ here] for confirmation. -- [[Utilizaire:Jurgen1996|Jurgen1996]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:Jurgen1996|d]]) 18 genièr de 2013 a 08.17 (UTC)
== Kontos => Sanyi4 ==
* Current: [[User:Kontos]]
* Target: [[User:Sanyi4]]
Both "Kontos" and "Sanyi4" belong to me. I would like "Kontos" to be renamed to "Sanyi4", so that I can attach it to my global account. It is important that the current "Sanyi4" be renamed to "Sanyi4 (usurped)", not something else! Confirmation: []. Thanks. -- [[Utilizaire:Kontos|Kontos]] ([[Discussion Utilizaire:Kontos|d]]) 2 març de 2013 a 21.04 (UTC)
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