Jerusalèm : Diferéncia entre versions

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* "… modern Jerusalem, Israel's largest city …" (Erlanger, Steven. [ Jerusalem, Now], ''[[The New York Times]]'', 16 April 2006.)
* "Jerusalem is Israel's largest city." ("[ Israel (country)]{{Dead link|date=September 2010}}", [[Microsoft]] [[Encarta]], 2006, p. 3. Retrieved 18 October 2006. [ Archived] 31 October 2009.)
* "Since 1975 unified Jerusalem has been the largest city in Israel." ([ "Jerusalem"]{{dead link|date=September 2011}}, [[Encyclopædia Britannica|Encyclopædia Britannica Online]], 2006. Retrieved 18 October 2006. [ Archived] 21 June 2008)
* "Jerusalem is the largest city in the State of Israel. It has the largest population, the most Jews and the most non-Jews of all Israeli cities." (Klein, Menachem. ''Jerusalem: The Future of a Contested City'', New York University Press, 1 March 2001, p. 18. ISBN 0-8147-4754-X)
* "In 1967, Tel Aviv was the largest city in Israel. By 1987, more ''Jews'' lived in Jerusalem than the total population of Tel Aviv. Jerusalem had become Israel's premier city." (Friedland, Roger and Hecht, Richard. ''To Rule Jerusalem'', University of California Press, 19 September 2000, p. 192. ISBN 0-520-22092-7).</ref> a l'encòp en populacion e en superfícia,<ref name="cbs">{{Ligam web|url= |publisher=Central Bureau of Statistics |títol=Press Release: Jerusalem Day |date=24 May 2006 |accessdate=10 March 2007 |format=PDF}}</ref> amb 763,800 abitants subre una aira de 125.1 km2.<ref name="mfa-40th">{{Ligam web|url=|format=PDF|publisher=Israel Central Bureau of Statistics |títol=TABLE 3. – POPULATION(1) OF LOCALITIES NUMBERING ABOVE 2,000 RESIDENTS AND OTHER RURAL POPULATION ON 31/12/2008|accessdate=26 October 2009}}</ref><ref name="profile">{{Ligam web|url=|publisher=[[Israel Central Bureau of Statistics]]|títol=Local Authorities in Israel 2007, Publication #1295 – Municipality Profiles – Jerusalem|accessdate=31 December 2007|format=PDF|language=Hebrew}}</ref>
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