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Dins l'infobox cal que la mapa siá jos la bandièra e las armas.Jiròni (d) 18 mai de 2013 a 17.04 (UTC)

Corregit Boulaur (d) 18 mai de 2013 a 17.42 (UTC)
Aqueste modèl es pertinent ? Clicatz per ne veire d'autres.
L’ortografia, la gramatica, lo vocabulari o la sintaxi d'aqueste article son de verificar.

infobox de totes los actors de cinèma: cinemà>>> cinèma

Missing end of tableModificar

Sorry for writing in English. One of the templates used in Infobox is missing an end of table. This messes up Eukaryota section Arbre filogenetic. HenkvD (d) 16 agost de 2013 a 10.16 (UTC)

Please update page: GND main type (P107) will be deleted on WikidataModificar

Wikidata's property P107 (main type (GND)) will be deleted per a recent Request for Comment. Please make any necessary updates to this page to avoid errors upon the property's deletion. The information in most P107 claims will be preserved by mapping them to the instance of (P31) and subclass of (P279) properties. Please post any questions to Wikidata's Project chat. (Apologies for writing in English.) Thanks, Emw (d) 5 octobre de 2013 a 16.17 (UTC)

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